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“FlashPanel Enterprise has changed my day to day job in a multitude of ways...
I keep it open in a tab every day.”


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  • fleetpride_logo


    “The beauty of FlashPanel is its simplicity, it’s not hard to understand its value.”

    Matt Perry
    Manager, IT PMO

  • Urban-Daddy-Logo-small


    “Before FlashPanel Enterprise, we were trying to use point solutions to solve various pain points. But, now FlashPanel allows us to essentially solve all of these pain points with just one solution.”

    JR Lanteri
    Director of IT

  • essence-small


    “FlashPanel Enterprise is a vital component of our Google Apps deployment.”

    Colin McCarthy
    IT Manager

  • DWR-small

    Design Within Reach

    “FlashPanel is the ultimate tool for Google Apps management!”

    Tim Go
    Senior Systems Analyst

  • relay foods logo

    Relay Foods

    “Our time is money and FlashPanel has 100 percent allowed us to make better use of it.”

    Kase Luzar
    Director of Special Projects

  • NSHE

    Nevada System of Higher Education

    “FlashPanel Enterprise is my quintessential tool for managing a Google Apps domain.”

    James Unfried
    Manager, Application Administrator

  • StumptownCoffee

    Stumptown Coffee

    “It’s amazing to see the FlashPanel Enterprise features that aren’t natively available in the Control Panel.”

    Kevin Corbett
    IT Manager


    “With FlashPanel Enterprise, tasks are much more automated and much easier to accomplish.”

    Mark Ridley
    Director of Technology

  • fig-and-olive-customer

    Fig & Olive

    “During Hurricane Sandy, FlashPanel Enterprise’s auto reply tool was a huge help.”

    Matthew Joseph
    IT Director

  • proactive-accountants-customer


    “FlashPanel Enterprise puts the power of the cloud back into the hands of business owners.”

    Giordana Rock
    Innovation Team Leader

  • taco-mac-customer

    Taco Mac

    “If you use Google Apps you need to be using FlashPanel Enterprise! If I could only have one app for our Google system, this would be it.”

    Director, New Technologies

  • great-lakes-wholesale-customer

    Great Lakes Wholesale

    “The functionality provided by FlashPanel Enterprise should have been included in Google Apps in the first place.”

    Jamie Jahnke
    Network Administrator

  • hostanalytics-customer

    Host Analytics

    “FlashPanel Enterprise is a game changer. It’s intuitive interface is awesome. It allows our lean IT organization to remain lean and on top of things. Love it! BetterCloud knocked this thing out of the park!”

    Network Administrator

  • ansys-logo


    “Flashpanel has made mining group settings and particularly membership much easier than the native tool.”

    Vernon Jones
    Information Technology Manager

  • johnston-press

    Johnston Press

    “FlashPanel has helped take the mystery out of Calendar and Calendar Resource management in Google Apps. The calendar management feature has removed the element of invisibility and the unknown allowing us to quickly find and manage users’ primary and secondary calendars. This feature has quickly become an invaluable tool.”

    Alex McMenemy
    Senior IT Support Engineer

  • bone-daddys-small-logo

    Bone Daddy’s

    “FlashPanel is much simpler to use than the Google Apps Control Panel.”

    Doug Wittrup
    IT Manager

  • roots-canada-small-logo

    Roots Canada

    “Being able to add shared contacts and delegate an inbox from one interface has made managing Google Apps easier.”

    Aaron Drever
    Manager, Technical Services

  • Zingerman's


    “We use FlashPanel to view our organization’s 26,000 Google Docs.”

    Elph Morgan
    IT Director

  • Clearwing-Productions-logo

    Clearwing Productions

    “I love FlashPanel’s ease of management when it comes to Google Drive, the ability to supercede what documents are being shared with whom is crucial.”

    Patrick Doran
    IT Manager

  • gettaxilogo


    “Google simply missed Mobile Contact Sync and the way it works with FlashPanel is just fantastic.”

    Eyal Ochayon
    IT Manager

  • diasorin


    “This tool is what the Google dashboard should have been, it is very enterprise-oriented and offers the features you need to manage Google Apps as an enterprise mail system. It is also very easy to use, which is always a plus.”

    Diego Lunetta

  • Granite-Group-Logo

    The Granite Group

    “I installed this tool for its syncing features and found that it has so much more. It’s a great all around application for managing Google Apps.”

    Thomas Beach
    The Granite Group

  • Americatel-logo

    Americatel Peru

    “It’s much better than the standard administration tool.”

    Roberto Serrano Misayauri
    Americatel Peru

  • Conservation-International-Logo-(small)

    Conservation International

    “With Apps Butler, users can access the directory from their mobile phones.”

    Alexandre Dinnouti
    Director of IT

  • synapse_logo


    “Ramp up times for new hires are faster with Google Apps than Exchange.”

    Brian McFarlane
    IT Director

  • Central-Bank-of-Kosovo

    Central Bank of Kosovo

    “We just moved to Google Apps for Business, and the first requirement from the Management was to update the address book. Google has a very complicated procedure of updating the address book with all the information. FlashPanel helped us finish this task in a day. Thanks FlashPanel for making our lives so easy.”

    Central Bank of Kosovo

  • Academies-Enterprise-Trust

    Academies Enterprise Trust

    “Who needs GAM when you’ve got this. Slick interface, pretty much every feature you need – and more always being developed. Essential for anyone managed a Google Apps platform.”

    Academies Enterprise Trust

  • 4cm


    “Friendly GUI, easy instructions, information at your fingertips, integrates like butter… a dream of an App to suit even the least experienced Google App Administrator, I thoroughly recommend it.”


  • Winchester-Electronics

    Winchester Electronics

    “FP is a great tool that fills the gaps left by Google. We needed to get several hundred shared contacts migrated when we move off of Exchange. Google had no solution for us, but FP did. Now on top of that add in all the other features, and you have a superior product!”

    Winchester Electronics

  • The-Free-Lance-Star

    The Free Lance-Star

    “We love using FlashPanel to assist our team in managing our Google Apps for Business installation. Very useful to handle things that cannot be done easily or at all in the Control Panel. Setting up delegation access is a breeze! Need to get rid of an account? Great workflow in place for deprovisioning a user. All around, a must have for Apps managers.”

    The Free Lance-Star

  • Chartwell


    “I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but FP is a fantastic tool that fills the gaps left by Google’s CPanel. The at a glance home page gives you a high level overview of your users – Active, Suspended,Unused, The amount of users,groups,org units,shared contacts, Drive and Email quotas, the total amount of docs – native or non-native Google. I can also get more granular if needed for users and Drive files. There are a plethora of tools within FP to choose from to get the job. I can go on and on, but I don’t have enough space When I did run into an issue with reporting, their support staff were quick to respond and keep me up to date on the status of my ticket. I highly recommend FP to any Google Apps Admin.”

    Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT

  • Cyan


    “FlashPanel is a “Must Have” tool for anyone managing a Google Apps domain. The UI gives you visibility into several aspects of your Google instance, including Google Docs, where you can determine what is shared inside as well as outside of your domain. We use Groups extensively and the FlashPanel groups tool gives us the ability to manage group membership easily from a single screen. There are many more very valuable features of FlashPanel, but the best recommendation I can give is – Get it. Within a week, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.”


  • Neil-Anderson

    Neil O. Anderson & Associates

    “Amazing tool for administrative purposes! Vastly superior controls over what googles standard API offers. Want to sync all your companies employee contact information with every employee? Well google apps will let you do that, so long as you dont want anything more than names and email addresses! Flash panel lets you add everything from department names to home fax numbers attached to their profiles. It is also incredibly easy to batch edit profiles from a spreadsheet and upload it to flash panel and takes minutes to have that information ready to be received by everyone!”

    Neil O. Anderson and Associates

  • Permasteelisa-Group

    Permasteelisa Group

    “If you need something easy and powerful to have real control over your GApps this is THE tool! Great features and reports, Signature functionality is wonderful for giving a good branding company wide. Just waiting for the next generation to come. Bravo BetterCloud!”

    Permasteelisa Group

  • eden-textile

    Eden Textile

    “Google Apps for Business has been an integral part of our business, but managing certain aspects of settings in bulk is either difficult or just not possible. FlashPanel has made these tasks a breeze and truly is the tools set that Google should have included itself. From the ease of managing your users through the directory feature through to the detailed reporting these tools make my life of administrating, well, easy. Especially when managing assigned features and enforcing company rules, like email signatures. And it keeps getting better and better with their active development. I couldn’t imagine Google Apps with out FlashPanel.”

    Eden Textile

  • Edmonton-Public-Schools

    Edmonton Public Schools

    “While the Google Apps control panel continues to improve, there are features and functionality within FlashPanel that either don’t exist in the CPanel, or that make many administrative tasks easier. For the users, access to a detailed address book using FlashPanel was an added bonus. The visibility we get into our domain using this product makes it very valuable.”

    Edmonton Public Schools

  • Alila

    Alila Hotels & Resorts

    “The Directory/Users tool is particularly useful to ensure updated profile of users and Shared Contacts allow the same to be done for contacts outside of the organisation. The signatures tool is another plus for the app!”

    Alila Hotels & Resorts

  • AISJ


    “I have been using this product for about 3 months. I continue to learn new features as they continue to add more. I really like the Apps Butler. I use it all day.”

    American International School of Jeddah

  • FootBalance


    “FlashPanel makes my day to day life a lot easier as I manage our Google Apps user accounts. Going forward as we are implementing Google Drive organization-wide, I expect to get even more use out of it.”


  • HIT

    Hospitality Industry Training

    “I especially like the ‘Add New User’, and ‘Deprovision User’ wizards. But the overall experience is a pleasure to work in. Even my end-users enjoy doing company contact lookups through their FlashPanel and inspecting Group (distribution list) members.”

    Hospitality Industry Training

  • Thoughts-of-Others

    Thoughts of Others

    “We have been using Google for just under 6 months and without FlashPanel we would have sunk without a trace. We are just scraping the surface but the friendly front end it puts on Google and the overview of our domain has been a life saver. Its not just a tool for thousands of users, it works for us little users as well!!”

    Thoughts of Others

  • ArcSource

    ArcSource Apps

    “It seems like FlashPanel gets better every day. We have been very impressed with the features of FlashPanel and the responsiveness of their team. Responsiveness in terms of support AND in hearing us and adding new features. Very impressed. The FlashPanel interface is very intuitive and functional..”

    ArcSource Apps

  • cibo


    “Since I started using FlashPanel I have the feeling that I have real control over my GA domain. Before that I was just searching and hoping that I made the correct adjustments. With FlashPanel I am (not being a techie) able to fine tune my domain and see what’s going on.”


  • kipp-la-png

    KIPP LA Schools

    “KIPP LA doesn’t have to worry about access if an internal server goes down – all of the content is in the Google cloud.”

    Matthew Peskay
    Director of Technology

  • luxury-customer

    Luxury Resorts & Hotels

    “We have been using Google Apps for years in a large enterprise environment, and this tool is excellent. It will become the essential tool for managing our complex changing environment. If you are not yet using this tool, you and your users are missing out.”

    Infrastructure Manager

  • school-of-rock-customers

    School of Rock

    “FlashPanel has a slick, modern interface and provides me with many tools that fill in the gaps left by Google’s native panel.”

    Jonathan Frankel
    Information Systems Manager

  • 22squared-customer


    “FlashPanel is a one stop shop for all administrative needs.”

    Bill Seybolt
    Systems Administrator

  • akrf-customer


    “It’s like the Google Apps Control Panel on steroids. Easy to use and quick, easy to understand reporting at your fingertips. The “Apps Butler” gives your users a great directory search tool and gives you the ability to broadcast important messages to users. Very well thought-out.”

    System Administrator

  • lycos-customer


    “Exceptionally well thought out tool to assist in managing Google Apps. Very useful tools for everything from user creation to email delegation. The reports really help to get a better overview of our Google Apps domains as a whole. Really a powerful addition to Google Apps management.”

    Lycos, Inc.

  • wasa-customer


    “I am migrating my 2nd company to Google Apps. I just found out about your tool and do not know how I managed before finding this great utility!”

    Associate Director of IT

  • genesis-customers

    Genesis Career College

    “The new FlashPanel is really nice. I love the look and feel of it and it is easy to navigate to get where you need to go.”

    Genesis Career College

  • brightline-customer


    “This tool, like the previous app SherpaTools, makes my life infinitely easier from a Google Apps management perspective every day. Highly recommended.”

    IT Manager

  • madison-customer

    Madison Performance Group

    “One good example of a compelling reason to use FlashPanel over Google’s native app is the ability to add a user to multiple groups in one place.”

    Senior Network Engineer

  • e-solutions-customer


    “FlashPanel’s email monitoring tool is much simpler than the same tool in Exchange.”

    Brandon Foreman
    President and CEO

  • classic-cinemas-customer

    Classic Cinemas

    “FlashPanel is much easier to navigate than the Google Apps Control Panel.”

    Tristan Dobbs
    Technical Services Manager

  • financial-times-customer

    Financial Times

    “FlashPanel is worth installing.. [it’s] far and away better than the Google Apps Control Panel. I think it’s an excellent, excellent tool.”

    Mark Lightfoot
    Messaging and Collaboration Analyst

  • EUHSD2


    “HUGE improvement over Google Apps Dashboard!”

    Damon Blackman
    Escondido Union High School District

  • albritton-williams-customer

    Albritton Williams

    “FlashPanel’s shared contacts quickly provides all contacts to everyone in our organization.”

    Nick Chason

  • Service-Mesh


    “FlashPanel is exactly what the Google Apps Control Panel *should* be. It makes everything easier with a great GUI and extremely intuitive tools. The Deprovisioning tool alone is worth installing FlashPanel, and being able to do bulk changes has saved us an incredible amount of time.”


  • COCSD-Small


    “FlashPanel is the answer to your prayers, and if you don’t know what those prayers are yet, you will when you see the application.”

    Mark Luffman
    IT Director

  • Gilroy-Prep-small

    Gilroy Prep

    “FlashPanel is a Swiss Army Knife for Google Apps management.”

    Paul Nadeau
    Director of IT

  • Thomas-&-Betts

    Thomas & Betts

    “In my environment we get a request at 8am to set up an out of office reply on a customer service reps email and it needs to be done asap. This tool makes it extremely easy for me to go in and immediately assist with the request. Setting up proxy access to another users account is now seamless and instantaneous. I’m still learning more and more about the product but so far I am very impressed and can’t wait to see what is next.”

    Thomas & Betts

  • IMS

    Integrated Medical Systems

    “FlashPanel is an amazing app. If you need a reason to never use the Google Apps control panel then this is your app. Also, the customer service and support is exceptional.”

    Integrated Medical Systems International

  • el-massria-211

    El-Massria Schools

    “With Google Apps and FlashPanel, I’m changing the school’s entire IT culture.”

    Ahmed Nagy