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Google Drive

Correct inappropriate sharing & set policies to automate compliance



One of the shortcomings of the Google Admin Console is granular management of Google Drive. Use FlashPanel to audit your entire domain’s Drive, view a comprehensive inventory and reveal details about individual documents and potential data exposure risks.

  • View all documents on your domain, and the file extension of each–whether created natively in Google Apps or uploaded files
  • Click in to any document to view the full content
  • Filter documents by nine different parameters, including owner, collaborators, exposure, and size
  • Change document owners, collaborators, and sharing settings individually or in bulk


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How can I view all publicly shared documents?

Navigate to Google Apps > Drive > Drive Explorer, then filter by Exposure > All Public Docs. Here you can view every publicly shared document in your domain. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

How can I view the total number of documents on my domain?

Navigate to Google Apps > Drive, where you can view the total number of documents users have created in Drive, how your users are adopting Google Drive, how they are sharing documents, and who they are sharing with (either inside or outside the company). Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

Can I see which domains are sharing documents with my users?

Yes. Navigate to Google Apps > Drive > Externally owned documents, where you can see the document title, owner, and user within your domain someone has shared with. You can also search for a particular domain. Note: you cannot view or edit the sharing settings for any externally owned documents because they are not owned by your domain. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→