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Create a database of external contacts and share with users



Since contact management is not natively built into the Google Admin Console, most organizations are looking for an inexpensive and well integrated solution. FlashPanel’s contacts functionality allows admins to import and maintain a list of contacts, such as vendors, suppliers, or customers who users may need to regularly email.

  • Create contacts manually, via spreadsheet, or by importing a folder from Google Contacts
  • Select which users, groups, or Org. Units to share contacts with, designated by tags
  • View tagged contacts organized within folders in Google Contacts and on mobile devices
  • Allow end users to create, edit, and tag contacts from FlashPanel


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How can I manage external contacts within Google Apps?

Use FlashPanel’s contacts functionality to make communicating with people outside of your domain easier. Contacts can be used differently by each organization and are commonly used to store the contact information of frequent suppliers, customers, vendors or anyone from outside of the domain that users contact frequently. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

Can I import existing contacts?

Yes. You can create contacts one of three ways, one by one, in bulk using a spreadsheet, or by importing contacts from a folder in your Google Contacts. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

Is there any easy way for my users to look up contact information?

Yes. When you give your users access to FlashPanel, they will be able to view all contacts in your Global Address List and Google Contacts. You can also make contacts available to users on their mobile devices for easy on-the-go access. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→

Can users view contacts without navigating to FlashPanel?

Yes. If you have enabled it in the Admin Console, users can view contacts in their Google Contacts list and compose messages to the contacts with email address auto-complete. Install FlashPanel free for 30 days→