User Profiles

Create rich user profiles and make edits to contact information in bulk


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User accounts that were provisioned prior to using FlashPanel are likely missing rich profile information, due to a lack of fields available in the Admin Console. FlashPanel enables you to store essential information in users’ profiles, such as multiple phone numbers or email addresses, and department and manager info.

  • Add custom fields, such as credentials or EmployeeID
  • Update users’ contact information in bulk using a spreadsheet
  • Sync users’ contact information to mobile devices for on-the-go access



How do I view detailed user information in FlashPanel?

To view detailed user information in FlashPanel, you can either search by a user’s name in FlashPanel’s search bar or navigate to the detailed user page through the Directory tab. To navigate to a user’s page in the Directory, click Users and then click the name of the user you wish to view in more detail.

How can I change a user’s profile picture? Can I manage users’ photos in bulk?

View a user’s profile page by navigating to Directory > Users. Click into the user’s profile, then click on his or her picture to replace it with a new one. To edit photos in bulk, Navigate to Directory > Users > Export to a spreadsheet, then open the sheet in Drive, scroll over to the “Profile photo” column, and insert new URLs in each row.

Can I manage users’ profile pictures in bulk?

Yes. Navigate to Directory > Users > Export to a spreadsheet. Open the spreadsheet in Drive, then insert URLs of the new photos in column .Once in the user summary page, click the gear icon at the top right and select “Bulk Update Users.” From here, export users to a spreadsheet, make the appropriate changes to profile pictures and then upload the edit spreadsheet in FlashPanel.

Can I allow users to self-edit their profiles?

Yes. Navigate to Settings > End User Settings. Here you can check any features you do not want users to edit.