Google Apps Management

Google Apps Management

Managing Google Apps successfully is crucial to running an organized domain. Users must be provisioned and deprovisioned in a timely manner and Groups and OUs should be set up to create efficiency within your organization. Traditionally, Google Apps is managed through the Google Apps Control Panel, which allows administrators to perform most of the necessary tasks. But the Control Panel is not only difficult to navigate, it actually lacks key features necessary for managing a Google Apps domain effectively.

How to Manage Google Apps with FlashPanel

FlashPanel provides an intuitive and user-friendly replacement for the Google Apps Control Panel. But the application provides far more than just an easier to navigate interface.

Useful domain management features include inbox delegation and email monitoring, email signature standardization and enforcement and vacation responder set-up, as well as enforcement of all other email settings (like labels and filters). FlashPanel streamlines group management, allowing administrators to easily add group members and owners up to 50 groups at a time. And most recently, the ability to bulk edit and update user information allows administrators to quickly edit vital information like Title, Phone Number and more via a Google spreadsheet.

FlashPanel also includes Apps Butler, which users install via Google Talk. Users can then chat the Apps Butler contact names to receive in-depth contact information for that particular user. Furthermore, Apps Butler allows administrators to broadcast company-wide messages, meaning FlashPanel not only organizes your domain, but helps manage your company.

Furthermore, granular Google Drive management capabilities give administrators unmatched insight into the Google Drive activity occurring within their domain. Google Apps admins can now manage sharing settings and set sharing policies, restricting or allowing sharing publicly, publicly with a link, externally, within the domain or within the domain with a link. These security tools add management capability far beyond the scope of the native Google Apps Control Panel.

How to Install FlashPanel

To install FlashPanel, just visit the Google Apps Marketplace listing and click “Add It Now”, which will take you through the installation process (note: you must be a Super Administrator for your Google Apps domain).