Google Apps Manager for User and Domain Management

Managing Google Apps

Google Apps user and domain management can be particularly challenging, especially if your organization comprises many users. The native management tool provided by Google, known as Control Panel, lacks some desired functionality and can often be a challenge to navigate. Luckily, third-party applications, like FlashPanel, provide extensive domain and user management features within an easy-to-use interface.

FlashPanel for Google Apps User and Domain Management

FlashPanel gives domain administrators the ability to seamlessly manage their users and domain from one easy-to-navigate interface. Some of FlashPanel’s extensive features include:

Group/OU Management – Create and add users to Groups and Organizational Units with a few clicks. Domain administrators can also add, remove and change Group ownership and membership in bulk, cutting down on management time and effort.

User Management – FlashPanel builds out extensive user profiles, which can be customized with profile pictures, contact information and more. Admins can also require password resets, contributing to easier management, but also enhanced domain security. FlashPanel will eventually allow end-users to update and manage their own profiles, delegating tasks from the IT department to individual users.

Email inbox monitoring and delegation – FlashPanel allows admins to delegate email inbox access or monitor a user’s inbox through a few simple steps. Delegation comes in handy particularly during employee absences and inbox monitoring gives execs the oversight they seek.

Shared Contacts Sync – FlashPanel also includes shared contacts sync, which pushes domain contacts to the mobile devices of all users. This automated process cuts down on the time needed to upload and save these contacts and ensures that all employees have up to date contact information for all vital organization contacts, clients and otherwise.

Installing FlashPanel

To install FlashPanel, just visit the Google Apps Marketplace listing and click “Add It Now”, which will take you through the installation process (note: you must be a Super Administrator for your Google Apps domain).