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FlashPanel versions & pricing.

Simple yearly plans. 30 day free trial. Basic is always free.


Questions? Contact us at or 888-999-0805 (or 646-355-0607).


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Great for smaller orgs with basic admin needs.


Full suite of granular management and security tools, automations & insights.



30-Day Free Trial
$10 Per User / Year

See prices for EDU | Non-profit
Note: $200 minimum order


(Users, Groups, OUs, Shared Contacts, Calendars)

Create / Edit / Delete / Suspend
Shared Contacts
Org. Units
Export All Users
Export All Shared Contacts
Export All Groups
Export All Org. Units
Universal Search
Manage Settings
Users Passwords
Rich User Profile Info (20+ fields)
Email Signatures
Web Clips
Send-as Aliases
Manage Google Groups Membership
Archive Google Groups
Manage all Google Groups settings (posting, visibility, etc.)
Google Calendar Sharing Settings
Google Calendar Delegates
Google Calendar Time Zone Control
Manage Org. Unit membership & nesting
End-User Tools
User Profile Self-Editing
Google Apps Training Videos from
Browse and search shared contacts
Browse and search Google Groups
Browse and search company directory
View shared contacts by company
User/Group/Shared Contacts Lookups through Chat (Apps Butler)

Bulk actions (incl. provisioning & deprovisioning)
Multi-Domain Management (MDM)


(Email, Drive, Sites, Calendars, Google+ & 3rd-Party Apps)

Full Visibility
Google Drive (+12 filters)
Google Sites (+12 filters)
Google Calendars & Resources (+5 filters)
Google+ Posts
3rd-Party Apps installed
Real-time status of last viewed and last updated stats (Drive only)
Export any view into a Google Spreadsheet
Sharing & Permissions Management
3rd-Party Apps
Sharing & Permissions Compliance
Create Sharing & Permissions Policies
Enforce autocompliance on policies
Whitelist/blacklist in sharing and permissions policies for external domains and 3rd-party apps
Policy exceptions for specific Drive assets
End-user notifications in all policies
Granular Admin Roles
Roles by Org. Unit
Inbox Monitoring


Advanced Contacts Management
Separate Contacts by tag
Push to users' My Contacts in Gmail
Push different tags to different users' My Contacts in Gmail
Scheduled Email Settings Policies
Web clips & general settings
User Provisioning & Deprovisioning Workflows


Canned Reports
User Reports
Activity Reports
Drive Reports
Sites Reports
Calendar Reports
Storage Reports
Customizable Reporting Engine
Report Builder
Saved Reports
Scheduled Reports


Webinars & Training Sessions
Knowledgebase & Forums
Email & Web Ticketing
SLA on Response Time

FAQs About Installing FlashPanel

What are the differences between FlashPanel Enterprise and FlashPanel Basic?

You can find a full comparison in the table above or in this support article, but in short FlashPanel Enterprise provides tools for managing your domain in bulk, monitoring and managing collaboration, automating repetitive tasks, and deep insights into how your users operate in Google Apps. FlashPanel Basic provides basic management features that will serve smaller companies well.

What is the cost of FlashPanel Enterprise?

Full details are available above, but for the costs are:

  • - $10/user per year for business
  • - $2/user per year for EDUs
  • - $5/user per year for non-profits

How does FlashPanel Enterprise pricing work?

FlashPanel Enterprise follows a per user, per year pricing model (rates listed above). Each user account with an email address counts as a user for the purposes of pricing. As a comprehensive solution that gives IT every tool they need to manage and secure a Google Apps domain, the value truly does increase with every user in your domain.

How can I purchase FlashPanel?

At any time, you can click the “Upgrade to Enterprise” button inside of FlashPanel at the top of the screen. This takes you to a checkout screen where you can view the total amount, terms of purchase, and enter in any applicable discount codes. If you have other questions or issues with purchasing FlashPanel, check out this visual guide, contact, or call us at (888) 999-0805 or (646) 355-0607.

What constitutes a “user” in FlashPanel?

We count all active and suspended users (i.e. any user with a valid email address) in your Google Apps domain as users for the purposes of the pricing.

Do you offer discounts to larger organizations?

Yes, we’re happy to work with you on this. If you’re a business with over 1,000 users, an EDU with over 5,000 users, or a non-profit with over 2,000 users please contact us at, (888) 999-0805 or (646) 355-0607.

How do I install the different versions?

There’s only one version to install (by clicking the button above). Everyone gets the Enterprise features free for the first 30 days. After that, you can continue to use FlashPanel Basic for free, or purchase the Enterprise package.

What happens after my 30 day trial of FlashPanel Enterprise ends?

After 30 days, if you have chosen not to subscribe to FlashPanel Enterprise, your account will automatically be downgraded to FlashPanel Basic, which is a simplified version of FlashPanel Enterprise that will be free forever.

I’d like to learn more before installing FlashPanel on my Google Apps domain.

Great! Our team would be happy to provide a personal demo of FlashPanel for you. Just email and let us know when you are available.

What does BetterCloud do with my data?

Your data continues to live on Google’s servers when you use FlashPanel. We do occasionally cache certain metadata in order to provide a faster user experience inside of FlashPanel, but even then, your data lives on Google’s servers as we use Google App Engine to run FlashPanel. Questions about security? Please check out our FlashPanel Security Overview to learn more.

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes, there is a minimum order value of $200. This applies to all customers (including EDU and Non-Profit).