Cloud Management Solutions for Google Apps

By Organization Size

Organizations of all sizes, from small nonprofits to large enterprises, are adopting Google Apps. Over 5,000 new organizations every day in fact.

FlashPanel has tools that can help you manage your Google Apps domain more securely and efficiently, whether you need help with basic shared contacts and user management, or the ability to delegate granular role-based permissions throughout your organization.

By Functional Role

While FlashPanel is primarily a tool for IT professionals, there are uses for almost every part of your organization.

Whether your training department needs a solution for monitoring user adoption of Google Docs, or your marketing department wants to ensure a consistent company brand presence in your email signatures, FlashPanel has a solution to help you get the job done.

By Industry

Google Apps is extensively customizable, and that’s one of the major reasons that companies from such a wide variety of industries continue to adopt Google Apps.

FlashPanel has the tools you need when it comes to streamlining, securing and automating Google Apps management tasks and processes, whether you are a highly-decentralized enterprise retail organization, or a small software development shop.